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  • yes! i'm 19 years old and a teen mother of a 4 year old boy and 18 month old makaela. about 7 months ago 2 children were brought to us by their mother and asked would we take guardianship of them. naturally i said yes because i'm a mother and i can't see a child do without if i can do something about it. these children have been living in a hotel room with the mother and while the mother went out prostituting the kids would stay with the "pimp". i couldn't have them babies living like that. it has been a long hard road and enduring the stress and hurt that i have been subjected to is hard for a 30 year old person but God has been by my side all the way giving me stregnth and patience!
  • Praise Jesus!
    I have a small testimony where I want to share how Jesus made a positive influence in a girl's life without my attempt.

    Surprising it is, for it was not my attempt but the work of our sweet Holy Spirit.
    My colleague had returned back home to India as her project was complete, for which she was in the USA. But unfortunately her visa was about to expire in few days and she was in India. She had been in deep distress as the family needed financial support and this situation came up.
    While travelling to office in the office bus 2 days ago she had been praying since the time she got in. I get in usually in the next station. And as a daily practice soon after getting in, I started confessing out of my mouth, "God has given me eternal life. He has imparted it to me. The life in me is the same that exists in the son. I have life. I recognize, I am sure, and am aware that I possess eternal life in my inner being. God has given me life. The same life that dwells in the Son. I have that life in me. I am a possessor of eternal life." And as I was confesing these words, my colleague felt inside of her that whatever I'm praying is for her, though I had absolutely no idea about her problem.

    The next day morning as usual, I started to confess the Sonship words again sitting next to her. After I was done she said, because of my prayers she had a miracle last evening. I did not understand what she said and meant at that point. So I asked her what is she talking about? Then she narrated how she was in distress and how she felt at ease while I was confessing the Sonship message and how in the evening she got a call saying she has to leave for the US in 2 days for work. And she will have her visa extended.
    I simply was at awe at how our Lord works... For where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty! When His life is present there is nothing that will be left incomplete! All incompleteness will be complete in Jesu! Then I realised how we could make a big-big difference in someone's life coz, "We Are Possessors Of Eternal Life - JESUS' Life" Amen.

    Glory to God alone!
  • Yes I have!!

    I call myself a PurposeCoach - my focus is on helping people discover their very own divine purpose. I do this via coaching, consulting, mentoring, tutoring and public speaking. At the moment I am reaching out to a number of churches and offering to come in and bless their members with an empowering/interactive session on the importance of purpose.

    I have discovered that when you step out and 'sow' your talents, experience, knowledge and ability in His house, doors begin to open and you experience success in a lot more ways than financial. Someone once told me that as soon as they have spoken to me they believe that they can do anything! And indeed this is very true - however for God's children this must be in perspective, we must not waste our lives just doing 'anything'. You're probably familiar with that verse in scripture that says that we can do anything through Christ Jesue who strengthens us. That 'everything' is quite specific for all of us. My .'everything' will be very different to each of the ladies in this group's 'everything'. Personally I believe Jesus is assuring us and saying yes I know what I require of you is quite daunting, however you can do all things through me who strengthens you...

    So ladies, I encourage you today to settle for only your divine purpose. God is waiting for us all to take our place!!
  • Thanks Carla for the gentle reminder of the power of our testimony. We can be busy looking to tools and ways of influencing others forgetting that we already have at our disposal the Testimony of a changed life.

    I've found alot of businesses using this as a tool to promote their business nowadays - telling stories of how a product or service changed God has given us this invaluable tool to promote His Kingdom, we must not forget to use it.
  • Became involved with Evangelism Explosion.

    Stick at something if you believe God is in it, even if it seems too beyond you.
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Help Faith Book by 'Chipping in'