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We are a Ministry devoted to spreading the word of God through out the nations,and Helping the orphans and the under-privileged children in the society at large.

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Streams of Love and Hope Ministries was started in the year 2007 following a call to assist and help poor and needy children in our community by the founder pastor Ronald Juma.It is fundamentally committed to providing orphans an opportunity to make an appreciable difference, worthwhile, valuable and where possible life-changing contributions to the lives of Kenyan orphan. it was registered as society on12th June 2009, we were operating as Streams of love and hope project(community based organization ) before 12th June 2009.


Embracing all kids,expanding their vision helping them recognize their potential in the pursuit of their destinies.


To provide a Christian environment where children are related to and instructed at the age appropriate levels theirby developing their relationship with GOD through church teachings ,praise, worship, prayer, fun activities and fellowships.

Streams of Love and Hope Children's Home is involved in the following programs:

-This is the main program because children are given a chance to worship.
Bible study comes first in every thing we do.we value our almighty GOD and our maker.This is more than basic want or need.we teach our children the ways we want them grow so as when they grow they cant depart from the way.


-Education is the key to a better life . Unfortunately it is still expensive to most of our families since they live below the poverty line. This causes pupils dropping out of school because they lack the school fees and school necessities like uniforms, books ,desks, pens,etc. Therefore we’ve come in to try and help where we can according to the funds we get from friends well wishers to help this children get better education.


We find most of children in the community lacking shelter and that’s why we’ve decided to create a home and shelter for desperate street children, orphans and the needy.

We also provide clothing’s for this children from willing friends who donate and also purchase when funds are available , we try to make life comfortable like any other kid. Believing is one thing and making a step is another thing we request you to pray and mostly make with us a step to make our community a better place for the present and future generation For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believeth in him shall not perish. Let’s push our efforts hand together and make a difference. we need your support, contribution, presence and prayers .you will feed what we feel and we will feel what you do too.

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  • Be Blessed, Hallelujahs, Amen.

    I am seeking for an “Evangelical Lady"-( a Soul Mate - Single/Widowed/ Divorced lady)- who can help me in all our Evangelical/ Soul Winning Activities &…Admn the coming up Income Generation Programs- rather than physical …… … … and also CARING EACH OTHER . …….
    Lord the Creator NEVER WANTED HIS Creation to be lone. However, some inexplicable circumstances might intimidate sometimes.

    Many & most things to discuss,please
    ….Prayers. & blessings., Pst.Apst.JohnSon
    Can please connect @
    (( or’ Can send your info to get contact you))
    E mail:
    Ph +91~ 9346094279 & 94904 80067
  • I beg you read my story & keep us in your prayers

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  • Praise the Lord my dearest friends, I have been out of this site for long time but I am to fellowship with all. God bless you all

  • 3646326516?profile=originalWe are raising money to buy a good cow, this cow will provide milk for the Orphanage.

  • It’s interesting that the last thing Jesus that said on the cross was, “It is finished.” It certainly looked like the end. It looked like it was over. But I believe that wasn’t just a statement of fact, it was a statement of faith. Jesus was saying to His Father, “I’ve done My part. I’ve fulfilled My destiny. Now I’ve got total trust and confidence in You that You are going to finish what You started.” Even though it looked like the end, in reality, it was only the beginning.

    When it looks dark in your own life, when things aren’t going your way, dare to make that declaration of faith just like Jesus, “It is finished.” What you’re really saying is, “God, I know You are going to turn this situation around. I know You are going to heal my body. I know You are going to restore my family. I know You are going to give me the breaks that I need. I’ve done my part, and I know You will do Yours.” Always remember to speak victory over your circumstances because He is faithful, and He will complete what He’s started in you.

  • Checkout for new development in our ministry soon

  • coming soon is our new website

  • I am back 

  • I believe God will touch people out there to help him continue with his high education, please join us in prayers

  • Pius Wafula one of the children we take care has passed his KCPE examinations, so he will be joining high school next year
    ENGLISH 64 B-
    SCIENCE 70 B+
    SSTR 57 C+

    TOTAL 3223646309979?profile=original

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prayer request

Greetings to you all my faith book family,I am servant of Lord and serving in pakistan through Evangelism, Sunday School ministry and church planting. And i am also serving the 10 poor and orphan children i am try to provide them shelter, food, cloths, shoes and education. As you know in pakistan winter season has been started and we need blankets and warm clothes for poor and orphan children so it is my apeal to all my faith book families that please assist us to provide the little and poor…

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