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The Baptism of His Knowledge

3645064880?profile=originalThe commandment of the Lord is given to us so that we can have His mercy by faith in those things He sanctified for our faith.


The lips of the righteous show forth the glory of God: for they talk of His judgments all the day long. 


The baptism of His knowledge gives strength to the soul for faith and confidence of hope which came from His Holy Throne.


For the love of the saints to be perfect in Christ, they must be united with His government that is joined in His name.


By the judgments of the Lord we grow in wisdom and understanding and increase in His knowledge to reflect His likeness unto a perfect man.


For the prayers of the saints are kept in store to reward grace to those of your petitions. The voice of the Lord is heard before a judgment is given. 


The kingdom of God increases as we increase in love to one another.


By faith we absolve doubt and rule over Satan, because we keep His commandments and rejoice in His Record.


Blessed are those in both body and spirit who have wholly followed the Record which the Father gave us for faith and charity.


There is no life apart from life Himself, nor is their faith found in fables. Those living in the house of Moses confess themselves to yet seek the will of God.


Those that would be of perfect faith must dine on the holy bread of God. For by charity they will see Christ in your works. 


Be strong in His grace and standfast in prayer and charity. As a rock endures the waves, so allow His grace to wash you, and endure sufferings.


The words of the righteous feed the soul and awaken the spirit of soberness.


The power of our faith is not born of the flesh but of the Spirit which strengthens the will.


As the Lord is longsuffering with us until the time of completion, so we endure contrariness with charity toward each other.


With patience we endure the growth of God’s fruit with us through suffering: so with joy of faith we wear the crown of life.


Strengthen the brethren through charity that you may be called the sons of God.


For the letters of His grace are prepared sacrifices in the hearts of those that read and believe.


The work of our faith is not consumed upon the altar, but lives forever showing us that our works also follow us into glory as Jesus’ works in us now and forever.


The temptation of the flesh cannot take root in the soul where God has set His mark in the faithful.


The fear of the Lord teaches us that there is no life separate from the life giver.

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