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Sometimes I think that He steps BackTo see how I'll reactWill I trip and fall or follow Him into the BlackAnd If I fail will He reach out His hand,Help me to stand,Will I fall back on my Faith, do you understand?How many times has He stood next to youyou aint even had a clueNothing that you could do.And what should you do, do you really know?All the doors are locked and you've got nowhere to goPay attention friend, I've been down that roadAlot of pain and suffering is all you'll have to showSo why fall into that same old patternMonotony and futility will leave you bitter and saddenedAll alone not a single companion.So why are you pointing fingers, do you think that your blamelessYou think your words mean something, but really they're meatlessTainted and poisoned like killer diseasesOn judgment day you'll be tried for treason.Really you're a hater, no other reasonAll the seeds you've sown are coming into seasonYou see communication is a component of trustBut too much hot air will cause your bubble to bustIt's your fault friend, why do you make a fussWe didn't bring this to you, you brought it to us.Now forgive me if I'm blunt, my emotions are rawI've takin most of life's blows square to the jawCome to understand, man I aint hatin on ya'llI'm not trying to be a hero, I'm tryin to hand you the ball.

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Help Faith Book by 'Chipping in'