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Crash in a flash my hand went through the glass. My mind is racing, but I don't feel the pain. It's a tragic moment but, I won't complain.Everyone's excited trying to stop the blood, it appears as though I'm in a flood. What will I do, How will I go on.Oh, I'll maintain my strength and be strong. Take me to the emergecy room. I'll get stitches, can the doctors mend my hand or will I be maimed as a man.No time to worry, no time to cry. I'll pray to God, he knows the answer and why. He can heal me, he said in his word ask in faith, believe it and you shall receive it. Life is a wonder and full of surprise, even though this happened, I will survive.Listen to my request, never take life for granted, give your heart to Jesus, don't chance it.Marie

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Help Faith Book by 'Chipping in'