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Dear God

Dear God, I'm sorry for all the wicked things I've doneAll the lies I've told, all the webs that I've spunAll the stress that I've caused, and the game that I runYou made my so smart, so why do I act so dumb?You're the one who called me out, I wish I knew whyI wonder would life be easier if I was an average guyBut that milk's been spilt, so no need to cryThe least I can do is man up and tryI'm just so tired of these struggles to surviveWhich path do I choose, it's not easy to decideThe pain is so great, I can run, but can't hideBut the pain is the only way I know that I'm still aliveBut dear God, I know there's a better way than thisThis stumbling through life, wayward and listlessGive me purpose God, I'll go the distanceBut this running in place is driving my senselessI feel like You're preparing me to be the local contenderTo step in the ring with the global pretendersTo shut their mouths, message returned to senderSo that their evil and hate they can no longer spreadOur leaders wont worry about a price on their headThis biggotry and hypocracy has me seein redConformity is futile, you sentence yourself to deathGet along to go along is what they sayUntruths and lies and it's wrong anywayBleeding heart politics and short-sighted idealsDenying freedoms and rights of the peoplesSo our skylines are showing fewer church steeplesPerverse thoughts clouds the minds of most peoplesSo what do I do, what do I do, what do we do?Look down here God, I'm talkin to youI don't wanna change the world, I just want to know the truthLearn from my mistakes and come out better for it tooI know I messed up and this is my second chanceBut I need a little help to snap me out of this tranceAn instruction book, like the idiot's guide to life at a glanceTake these chains off my feet, I'm so ready to dance.It's hard to give 100% when I'm not there myselfI wanna take off this pack and put it up on the shelfThe blows that keep coming always hit below the beltAnd themore I try to do this on my own the more I'm askin for your helpSo I spend alot of my time lost in introspectionMeloncholy from many days of past reflectionTrying to find the source of this constant misdirectionAll the while trying to maintain this reality connectionCause I feel so trapped inside my own mindIt seems everything I do is a big waste of timeCome on dear God, I'm just tryin to get mineWhen did happiness become such a crimeI'm always fearful of divine retributionSo I organize my thoughts for proper distributionSo that no one comes to the wrong conclusionDear God, free me from this state of confusion.

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  • Wow brother this is a mouth full and God has blessed you with words. You really spin out there what I have felt most of my life. But God is faithful and gives peace in the time of the storms. If you can find the book The Purpose Driven Life get it and read it. It will change your life. It has been changing mine. Just get in the word and praise God in song. Put GOD first in ALL things. And He will give you the peace you seek for. This poem was fantastic what a knack you have for writing. And I really enjoyed this hug your sister in Christ Connie
    • Thanks for you kind words Connie. I actually just finished reading purpose drivin life. It is awesome. I actually wrote this a while back, when I was in the midst of the storm. I posted it with the hope that someone would read it, and could relate. I have more, just haven't posted them yet, as time will allow. I love to write, and I belive it's a gift God has givin me. I just don't do it as often as I should. Sometimes, I just feel blank you know? Anyway thanks again. Your words are truley a blessing. God Bless You.

  • amen
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