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It is Time

It is time to rise, up & take the world back to the Kingdom of Christ, we need to get up & get out into the world, we need to pray more than ever for salvations, God Word says - His heart is for all to be saved,

Thats huge, are u in? Some have a fear that they are to week, or that there prayer or input or output isnt good enough, or worthy enough - But God says not a single prayer goes unheard, or is wasted, ur efforts are not wasted, if u are unsure, then u just gota pray into it & God will show u what is on His heart.

U R Worthy, ur effort & time is not wasted, God sees & hears all - so who's with me who else is going to stand with all those who are out there & ready to get out there & spread Gods love, take the light to the darkness, if u havent got the hunger / desire to do so but feel u should, if u havent the time, or resources, pray about it ask God to burn His Holy Fire in u, ask Him to rearrange ur schedule, or to direct u, ask God to show u what u can do - ask & u shall recieve, so again I ask u whos with mw? who will pray for the missionaries, & ministeries & individuals, for the infusion, & release of God for protection, & salvations, & aid ?

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Help Faith Book by 'Chipping in'