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This group is for all Christian teens who just want to hang out and interact with other Christian teens. Not all people realize how hard it is for a teen to stand for Christ in today's world. This group is just for Christian teens! :D Enjoy!
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  • Be Blessed, Hallelujahs, Amen.

    I am seeking for an “Evangelical Lady"-( a Soul Mate - Single/Widowed/ Divorced lady)- who can help me in all our Evangelical/ Soul Winning Activities &…Admn the coming up Income Generation Programs- rather than physical …… … … and also CARING EACH OTHER . …….
    Lord the Creator NEVER WANTED HIS Creation to be lone. However, some inexplicable circumstances might intimidate sometimes.

    Many & most things to discuss,please
    ….Prayers. & blessings., Pst.Apst.JohnSon
    Can please connect @
    (( or’ Can send your info to get contact you))
    E mail:
    Ph +91~ 9346094279 & 94904 80067
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    • Need prayers for hungry Church members, during lock down. God bless us with food items. Omer Massey Ministries, Pakistan.
  • Good day guys, I am not a teen but we run a Christian base teen social network called " the best and safest teen social network ever!" and we need more Chrinstain teens to join up. Please join!!!. or just have a look at our network. You can get it at
    Hope to see you there.
    The Best and Safest Teen Social Network ever Just 4 U Every1 Welcome
  • Hi Im Rivka, Im new to Faithbook, until I saw This Group I thought Faithbook was only for adults - now I feel better i was thinking of deleting this faithbook and remaking my facebook. Feel free to add me I need new friends 

  • Finally  it's December. Now  it's time to  get the Christmas decorations out and sing Christmas carols. Merry Christmas everybody.

  • Next month on Saturday December 5th, 2015 I will be 15 years old.

  • I hope you like my page. I have joined the junior fire fighters and I have had my first call.

  • Hi  everyone how r u ? I am also having a party    sorry for not  responding to your requests

  • Today I'm having my graduating junior high party. We're going to have a cookout at a friends house.

  • hello ~is there someone who is also in university?

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please pray

I have a 16 year old and she has gone through so much. Since you guys are teens please pray for her she feels that it is 2 late for her to change. I am afraid that she may try to harm herself or someone else. Please pray

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