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For fans of Christian rock like Relient K, The Afters, Sanctus Real etc.
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  • Hello Belove brother/brethren in CHRIST JESUS. How are you doing today? We have been on this issue of Racism through prayers and fasting. According to what the Lord JESUS CHRIST showed us, this is not the time to even hate or separate from each other, but a time to hate sin and separate from it. This is a time we must come to common sense that flesh and blood will not inherite the LORD YESHUA KINGDOM. What is flesh and what is Soul? Flesh is the Earth earthy soul is of the LORD Eternal In Book of Life or hell fire. This a time where Love Lead. Many things is coming upon the earth to cut of souls Away as Daniel chapter 12 stated it. We do have prayer and fasting every Wednesday and Sunday. You are free to join and also give us current information of what is going on there.

    God bless as we stay together and Continue together till the End justify the beginning of New Heaven and New Earth. God is given Us another body.

  • Anyone else listen to Red, Skillet, Seventh Day Slumber or Flyleaf?
  • hihi let me join this group please blessings
  • Blessings to you all !!! Keep pushing!!! Amen !!!!
  • Hello, I'm a independent Christian Rock artist  singer/songwriter. Please if you have time listen and share Beseech Benison music . Thank you God bless and Rock on!!Michael

    • How can we get the song
    • Amen. African Nigeria also need prayers Brethren. This is a time called the time of Trouble
  • Christian music by "The Afters" is really a great one. I love especially 2 songs "Lift Me Up" and "Beautiful Love" they touch the heart!!! : )

  • Currently listening too, Third Day, Seventh Day Slumber, Kutless and the Letter Black. Alot of great stuff out there.

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