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We must present the Bible as the Word of God, not the words of men, but the Word of the living God: God speaking about Himself; God speaking about men; God speaking about life; God telling us what He is going to do about a fallen world.

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  • Would you like to take your ministry to the Next Level?
    The 10 Day Challenge may be just what you need to blow out the cobwebs of, 'the way you have always done it' and discover how to think differently to achieve far more impact for the Kingdom than you ever dreamed possible.,
    Read this forum now for details.
  • Shalom & Be Blessed vISIONARY gROUP MEMBERS. ,
    I am Pastor/Apostle ( 50+ yrs M+) M.A(Soc), B.Th. B.Ed, BLI Sc & PGD in "planning and Project Management"- the Founder, President and Lead Pastor of the TVM Christian Ministries}]... amid the most Un reached - Under Privileged 'Primitive Hill Tribes Evangelism & Soul Winning, to the called.
    “+ Seeking+” for a “Prayerful Lady"- 30 to 55 Yrs( a Soul Mate - Single -Moms/Widowed/ Divorced can )- that can help me in all our Evangelical/ Soul Winning Activities &…Admn the coming up Income Generation ( BUSINESS ) Programs- rather than physical …… … … and also CARING EACH OTHER ……. Lord the Creator NEVER WANTED HIS Creation to be lone. However, some inexplicable circumstances might intimidate sometimes.
    OK, Let “By gones be by gones. Let us reconstruct the remaining , a fresh start “+Full pledgedly+”
    Can be privileged to SEND you the “ Evangelical Events Info” (to understand a bit more about us) upon your prayerful instructions.
    Many & Most things to discuss,
    ( Can please connect -If seriously interested & applicable) please Prayers & Blessings.
    Truevine99 at gmail dot com
    Can be privileged to send you our " Evangelical Events" Info to understand a bit more about us.
  • Joe 1:1  I am Joel the son of Pethuel. And this is the message the LORD gave to me. 
    An Invasion of Locusts
    Joe 1:2  Listen, you leaders and everyone else in the land. Has anything like this ever happened before? 
    Joe 1:3  Tell our children! Let it be told to our grandchildren and their children too. 
    Joe 1:4  Swarm after swarm of locusts has attacked our crops, eating everything in sight. 
    Joe 1:5  Sober up, you drunkards! Cry long and loud; your wine supply is gone. 
    Joe 1:6  A powerful nation with countless troops has invaded our land. They have the teeth and jaws of powerful lions. 
    Joe 1:7  Our grapevines and fig trees are stripped bare; only naked branches remain. 
    Joe 1:8  Grieve like a young woman mourning for the man she was to marry. 
    Joe 1:9  Offerings of grain and wine are no longer brought to the LORD's temple. His servants, the priests, are deep in sorrow. 
    Joe 1:10  Barren fields mourn; grain, grapes, and olives are scorched and shriveled. 
    Joe 1:11  Mourn for our farms and our vineyards! There's no wheat or barley growing in our fields. 
    Joe 1:12  Grapevines have dried up and so has every tree— figs and pomegranates, date palms and apples. All happiness has faded away. 
    A Call to Repentance
    Joe 1:13  Mourn, you priests who serve at the altar of my God. Spend your days and nights wearing sackcloth. Offerings of grain and wine are no longer brought to the LORD's temple. 
    Joe 1:14  Tell the leaders and people to come together at the temple. Order them to go without eating and to pray sincerely. 
    Joe 1:15  We are in for trouble! Soon the LORD All-Powerful will bring disaster. 
    Joe 1:16  Our food is already gone; there's no more celebrating at the temple of our God. 
    Joe 1:17  Seeds dry up in the ground; no harvest is possible. Our barns are in bad shape, with no grain to store in them. 
    Joe 1:18  Our cattle wander aimlessly, moaning for lack of pasture, and sheep are suffering. 
    Joe 1:19  I cry out to you, LORD. Grasslands and forests are eaten by the scorching heat. 
    Joe 1:20  Wild animals have no water because of you; rivers and streams are dry, and pastures are parched. 

  • Urgent Prayer Request!

    Soteria Worldwide Ministries

    Shalom to all in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ the Savior of our lives.

    My name is Revd. Nelson David I am serving the Lord Jesus Christ in Pakistan's City Karachi. I am running my own Ministry "Soteria worldwide Ministries" as Chairman.

    Soteria Worldwide Ministry is a church ministry and it’s not an Ngo. The word “Soteria” is a Greek word which means “Salvation”.

    Basically we serve in church, we plant churches in different places, we make cell groups and preaching points, we believe that the Christian belief is a very much practical therefore Soteria worldwide ministry serves for those people who are included in church and facing so many difficulties due to Sins, Lack of Faith, Poverty, Illiteracy (Biblically and worldly knowledge), Drug Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, Gutka Addiction, Tobacco Addiction, Diseases, Discrimination etc. we believe that above mentioned all works are the responsibilities of church .We strongly believe that the Lord Jesus’ salvation is unlimited, it works in every part of our life we should not limit it because our Lord Jesus can solve every problems of our life by His grace, Amen.

    Requesting to all my brothers and sisters to keep us in your prayers and please open your hearts to support us in achieving this goal set by our almighty God.

    Yours in Him

    Revd.Nelson David (Chairman)

    Soteria Worldwide Ministries,, 
    Cell # 00923453335407 – 00923242570363

  • Urgent Prayer Request!

    Bibi has been imprisoned since June 2009, after she was accused of allegedly insulting the Prophet Mohammed while attempting to share her faith with several Muslim co-workers, who had been pressuring Bibi for months to convert to Islam.

    Even as Bibi’s lawyers began working to overturn the verdict, her death sentence shocked thousands of people around the world — including Pope Benedict and even Muslim scholars — who have called for her release through online petitions and official appeals to the Pakistani government. The law of blasphemy that has kept Bibi in prison for the past 15 months has been widely criticized as being a tool to promote oppression and discrimination against religious minorities, particularly Christians, in Pakistan. 3646322987?profile=original

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