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Unlocking Regions to Cross Over via His Kingdom Prophecy
The LORD says, "It is the hour to ‘cross over’ to possess and take the land of promise!  For now, I shall go before you!"
22 minutes ago
God Showed Me 18 Places in the Nation of America! via His Kingdom Prophecy
During a time of Worship and Prayer, The Spirit of The LORD showed me eighteen (18) specific places within The United States of America.
1 hour ago
India's most populated state declared covid-free after widespread use of Ivermectin via GKM Latest Blog Posts
No Content.
1 hour ago
The LORD Has Not and Will Never Leave You Helpless via His Kingdom Prophecy
Today we are redeemed from the curse of The Law by the death of Christ, where our hearts are assured for the blessing only in The LORD's Grace.
2 hours ago
Randy Bell posted a status
Skillet’s John Cooper: Marxist Worldview Is ‘Satanic’
3 hours ago
Randy Bell posted a status
Glenn Beck: Biden’s ‘Gender Strategy’ Is A Plan To RUIN The ‘Family’
5 hours ago
ANS Founder’s Son Plans NRB Trip in Memory of Dan Wooding via Assist News
Dan Wooding Nashville, USA (ANS) – Journalist Peter Wooding is planning to attend the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville in March 2022 in memory of his father and ANS Founder…
9 hours ago
Aukina Dokter posted a status
10 hours ago
Issachar Arising: The Labor Force of The Kingdom via His Kingdom Prophecy
The emergence of the Issachar Tribe Of The Kingdom is imminent. They are the stewards of the revelation of the “will” and “ways” of The LORD Jesus Christ.
11 hours ago
Even in the Womb via His Kingdom Prophecy
Deep called unto deep, even in that Secret Place you called me even in the womb.
11 hours ago
Randy Bell posted a status
THIS Is The Far Left’s Plan To CONTROL Your Money & Budget | Glenn Beck
13 hours ago
Randy Bell posted a status
Sharing Your Faith With Boldness – David And Jason Benham
14 hours ago
Serious Warning — Let He Who Has Ears to Hear via His Kingdom Prophecy
I just had one of those brief visions that carries great import and meaning.
16 hours ago
Aukina Dokter posted a status
17 hours ago
Victory! Victory!! Victory!!! via His Kingdom Prophecy
"I AM elevating you," says The LORD. "I AM bringing you up higher and promoting you in My Presence."
17 hours ago
Some Moving Out and Some Moving Up! via His Kingdom Prophecy
I heard The LORD say, "I saw you over the years — you who are after My Heart."
17 hours ago
Aukina Dokter posted a status
18 hours ago
Aukina Dokter posted a status
Executive branch = Mil and President.

Trump never seceded because they appointed him as Commander in Chief of the greatest military operation in the world...

They are taking down treasonous legislative and judicial officials who have infiltrated…
19 hours ago
Children and Angels via His Kingdom Prophecy
Children and Angels are a vital part of of the Kingdom of Heaven.
Randy Bell posted a status
Biden’s ECONOMIC END GAME Part 2: These Three Things CANNOT PASS Congress | Glenn Beck

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Dear Faith Book Members,

As you all are aware that our freedom of speech is under attack by powerful media companies i.e Twitter, Facebook, Amazon etc. This is a dangerous path well travelled by Marxist, Communists and Facist states. Right NOW America has a President with no voice because of Big Tech and other bad actors. Well maybe this is our moment to fight back by keeping Free Speech alive on Faith Book. I am asking all of us to invite our Jesus Loving friends to be a part of…

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