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Three-Day Word — Day 3 via His Kingdom Prophecy
The LORD says, "I laid down My life so that you may have joy forevermore.  Come from the shadows of darkness."
7 hours ago
The rise of the house of David, part 10 via GKM Latest Blog Posts
No Content.
8 hours ago
Close Encounters of a God Kind for Your Children via His Kingdom Prophecy
I hear The LOORD saying, "I gave these children to you, because I knew you would pray..."
15 hours ago
Father Is Doing Things With Miraculous Insight via His Kingdom Prophecy
Revelation is your portion. The Spirit of The LORD calls you to His Banqueting Table. 
17 hours ago
Relationship with God as The Bridegroom via His Kingdom Prophecy
I'm Praying America nation as The LORD spoke to me regarding the color Yellow; Wisdom, and Relationship with God as Bridegroom.
17 hours ago
A Surging Fire Through My Bones via His Kingdom Prophecy
So many are in a place where they are being attacked and accused.  For some it may even be their children. Is that You?
18 hours ago
You Really Need to Hear This… via His Kingdom Prophecy
I get these messages when someone sent a video message spoken by "Someone", then they say:  "You really need to hear this!"
20 hours ago
When You Stand Your Ground via His Kingdom Prophecy
No time to play — these souls are dying without knowing YESHUA.
20 hours ago
What You Do — Counts Towards Eternity via His Kingdom Prophecy
The LORD says, "The Kingdom has come now, and it is what you are doing now that counts for eternity." 
21 hours ago
Three-Day Word — Day 2 via His Kingdom Prophecy
The LORD says, "I hear so many say, "Deliver me from evil!" — but they have not been willing to let go of familiarity."
22 hours ago
Enter the Straight Gate via His Kingdom Prophecy
Many are entering a broad gate.  That gate is huge and the mass of many people walk through it every day...
The High Priest We Confess via His Kingdom Prophecy
The Apostle and High Priest we confess is Messiah Jesus.  He is faithful as the Son over God’s House.
Don’t Be Surprised — Something Bigger Is Coming! via His Kingdom Prophecy
The LORD said, "Those who can see and ear are anticipating Me.  Now is the day and the hour I have chosen to set My People free."
The System of Justice in The Kingdom via His Kingdom Prophecy
We cannot punish the strongholds of immorality pervading nations, until our obedience, when tried and tested, is complete.
From Unbelief to Total Consecration via His Kingdom Prophecy
I prophetically declare over each of you a newfound strength and courage to cross over!
A Great Rumbling Is Coming to America via His Kingdom Prophecy
The LORD spoke to me this morning that a great rumbling is coming to our nation and that He is making a clarion call to the Nations!
Deceivers Come Into Church — Liars via His Kingdom Prophecy
We are warned in the Scriptures about DECEIVERS who will come into the Church under a guise of pretense and deception.
The Glory of GOD Revealed via His Kingdom Prophecy
"I have called and chosen and prepared My Remnant for such a time as this," says The LORD.
Unmoved! via His Kingdom Prophecy
The LORD says, "Beloved, you are My Lighthouses and I AM with you always. Be unmoving!  Be My Light unto the nations!"
Yes! Greater Works Shall You Do! via His Kingdom Prophecy
"As you contend in prayer, contend in Faith, My Glory will return and I will bring a transformation to this land,"  says The LORD.

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First of all let me say Happy New Year. As you all are aware that our freedom of speech is under attack by powerful media companies i.e Twitter, Facebook, Amazon etc. This is a dangerous path well travelled by Marxist, Communists and Facist states. Right NOW America has a President with no voice because of Big Tech and other bad actors. Well maybe this is our moment to fight back by keeping Free Speech alive on Faith Book. I am asking all of us to invite…

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