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The Departure From Sound Doctrine via His Kingdom Prophecy
A Prophecy concerning the Characteristic of the End Times, found first In the Holy Scriptures.
5 hours ago
The Enemy is Terrified via His Kingdom Prophecy
"The enemy is terrified, knowing that his days are numbered," says The LORD.
6 hours ago
Time for 360° Vision! via His Kingdom Prophecy
"Now My War Eagles shall fly in formation to confuse and terrify the enemy.  The Season of the Gathering is here."
11 hours ago
Get Ready! The King is Coming! via His Kingdom Prophecy
I was listening to the "Healing song" by Andre LeFebvre and as listened, I felt like dancing, like something stirring in my soul.
12 hours ago
To Work in the Body of Christ via His Kingdom Prophecy
To work in the body of Christ is God’s calling for our way of life and spiritual work.
12 hours ago
Prince Philip: a servant in the shadows via Assist News
London, England (ANS) – UK evangelist and author J. John has paid tribute to Prince Philip who passed away at the age of 99 last week. “I confess to…
21 hours ago
The rise of the house of David, part 6 via GKM Latest Blog Posts
No Content.
21 hours ago
Reset the Bio-rhythmic Clock! via His Kingdom Prophecy
Yesterday’s First-fruits Celebration was a divine reset for every blessing The LORD wants to bring us as we cross over into the new.
Contended Against — Line by Line via His Kingdom Prophecy
When a man's portrayal or representation of The LORD becomes a stumbling block to the people of GOD; he will be contended against.
The Power of Image, Narrative and Repetition via Assist News
Houston, TX (ANS) – More than 45 years ago I heard a message delivered by the late Pat Zondervan.  The message was based on the uniqueness and attributes of…
To One Who Feels Alone via His Kingdom Prophecy
My heart is for the one whose heart is breaking. The one who feels alone.  The one who has anxious thoughts.
The LORD Is Merciful and Full of Compassion via His Kingdom Prophecy
The LORD Is Merciful and Full of Compassion — but He will not always look the other way!
Beware a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing! via His Kingdom Prophecy
I don't know who this is for and it may be for many in The Body of Christ right now.
Quality Control Begins with Surrender and Submission via His Kingdom Prophecy
"Can you entrust your entire life to Me? Give Me the controls, as you relinquish them," says The LORD.
The Treasure Within Us via His Kingdom Prophecy
The Holy Spirit is the Treasure within us, the One who gifts us with every spiritual blessing and from Whom come ALL the fruits of The Spirit.
75,000 Homeless As Fires Devastate Refugees via Assist News
Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh (ANS) – The sprawling area of Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, has endured three big fires in the span of three months, leaving 75,000…
God is Sovereign via His Kingdom Prophecy
"I have not hidden My Face from you," says The LORD. "I AM fully aware of you, and you are always in My Sight."
Granted Prophetic Insight via His Kingdom Prophecy
When you’ve been granted insight into the prophetic chart of your life; you know when the High Table invite is too early.
Discerning the Time via His Kingdom Prophecy
The enemy want us to give up our Faith; that is a real Truth, and all of hell has been turned out to see that this is done. 
Prophetic Warning: A Plague for the Unrighteous! via His Kingdom Prophecy
The LORD says, "Tell them I AM coming soon and they are to wait for ME! Wait upon the LORD, and lean not on your own understanding!"

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Dear Faith Book Members,

First of all let me say Happy New Year. As you all are aware that our freedom of speech is under attack by powerful media companies i.e Twitter, Facebook, Amazon etc. This is a dangerous path well travelled by Marxist, Communists and Facist states. Right NOW America has a President with no voice because of Big Tech and other bad actors. Well maybe this is our moment to fight back by keeping Free Speech alive on Faith Book. I am asking all of us to invite…

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