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The rise of the house of Elisha, part 8 via GKM Latest Blog Posts
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1 hour ago
Evangelist Riaz Shahid is now a member of Faith Book - 'Working Together in Union with Christ'
4 hours ago
With Salvations, Baptisms and Healings in Colorado, The Standard Asks ‘What’s Next?’ via Assist News
From Colorado Capitol, youth leader lifts up Jesus.   In what might be a first for Colorado and the nation, students attending a youth conference were baptized at the state Capitol in Denver, where pastors and ministry…
6 hours ago
America: Purged and Purified as Refined Gold! via His Kingdom Prophecy
America, I heard The Spirit say,  ”I AM coming suddenly and in unexpected ways, in ways never seen or heard before!"
6 hours ago
The LORD is Hightening Your Gifts via His Kingdom Prophecy
The LORD would say to His Remnant that He is heightening you in the gifts of Faith, Wisdom, Understanding, and Discernment.
6 hours ago
Press Through the Enemy Strongholds via His Kingdom Prophecy
"Press to get into your destiny in Me," says The LORD. "Yes, contend in faith for the call that I have placed in your life."
7 hours ago
The Bounty of God’s Fruits of Righteousness via His Kingdom Prophecy
I pray the bounty of God's fruits of righteousness be made known to your members, as you hunger and thirst for Truth.
11 hours ago
God Will Preserve and Return via His Kingdom Prophecy
God will preserve what He has given each one of us, to use for His Glory and Purpose.
11 hours ago
The Remnant of Glory Carriers via His Kingdom Prophecy
Apostles and Prophets battle spirit of religion; they fight witchcraft; war against the Jezebel spirit and annihilate tichrist spirits.
12 hours ago
The Powerless Against the Mighty — A Word for Nations via His Kingdom Prophecy
Prophetic Directives for the Body of Christ and Prophetic Words for the United Kingdom — Ireland — France — Germany and Canada.
12 hours ago
It’s Time to Exhale — The Harvest Is Here! via His Kingdom Prophecy
The LORD said to me: "Yes it is time to blow the Shofar and tell them.... ”The Great Harvest Is upon you!""
13 hours ago
You Are Immovable and Unshakable! via His Kingdom Prophecy
I woke up today seeing and hearing The Holy Spirit say the Word, "IMMOVABLE" and I saw it written out in all capital letters.
15 hours ago
The LORD is Still In The House! via His Kingdom Prophecy
The LORD says,  "I AM The LORD Who teaches you to profit, Who leads you in the way you should go."
What Form of Government Does Christ Have? via His Kingdom Prophecy
Jesus answered, "My kingdom is not of this world." If Jesus returned today, which form of government would He choose?
Birthed in the Earth via His Kingdom Prophecy
The LORD asks "Have you seen what is being birthed in the earth today, through great trials and troubles and tribulation?"
What The LORD is Saying Today — August 2021 via His Kingdom Prophecy
What The LORD is Saying Today – August 2021: comprises the Word of the LORD for His children and is updated daily.
The LORD Will Undergird You in the Present Storm via His Kingdom Prophecy
"I will undergird you so that the present storm doesn’t tear you apart and take you down," says The LORD.
The Voice of Triumph via His Kingdom Prophecy
Speaking breakthrough into this earth and into your lives! Breakthrough, Push Through.  Some things are giving way!
Lion Bites — August 2021 via His Kingdom Prophecy
Daily prophecy for August 2021, from the Global Prophetic Alliance's daily prophetic newsletter "Lion Bites".
It Is Time for Action and Unity via His Kingdom Prophecy
The True Church needs to come into unity right now and take action against this Marxist agenda!

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As you all are aware that our freedom of speech is under attack by powerful media companies i.e Twitter, Facebook, Amazon etc. This is a dangerous path well travelled by Marxist, Communists and Facist states. Right NOW America has a President with no voice because of Big Tech and other bad actors. Well maybe this is our moment to fight back by keeping Free Speech alive on Faith Book. I am asking all of us to invite our Jesus Loving friends to be a part of…

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